industry chain Advantage positioning

It focuses on providing high-quality green energy products and services to global users, helping to sustain environmental optimization, creating friendly service models and focusing on resource-efficient applications.

Stable industrial chain
Establish long-term strategic partnerships with a number of world-renowned upstream raw material companies to ensure a stable supply of upstream raw materials and provide a stable source of supply chain for the production and manufacture of new energy products
Product Ecologization
We follow the principle of eco-prevention from the pre-development stage of our products, consolidate our efforts of improving products' impact on the environment in our product design, and actively promote the harmonious coexistence between human beings and nature.
Customer Centralization
We Always provide personalized services and customized products from the customer's perspective to meet their different needs and increase their satisfaction and loyalty.
Technology Foresight
We follow the technology iteration strategy of "one generation of pre-research, one generation of pilot test, and one generation of mass production" to continuously improve the technology innovation with solar panels application as the core, and continuously provide better new energy products.
Products Sunlight energy, endless source

EGYO new energy solar panels have won international certifications such as IEC and CE for their high quality, high performance and trustworthy reliability. 0~+3% positive tolerance of output power brings you stable and abundant energy output for your life, which is the new energy choice with high cost performance.

High efficiency and half sheet MONO module 410 W
All black with 1200 mm cable
High efficiency and half sheet MONO module 450 W
All black with 1200 mm cable
High efficiency and half sheet MONO module 550 W
All black with 1200 mm cable
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Foreseeing New Opportunities in the Photovoltaic Industry: Chinese Technology Attracts Eyes at Intersolar South America
The 10th Intersolar South America was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from August 29 to 31. The exhibition covered multiple photovoltaic industry fields such as photovoltaic modules, management systems, and energy storage devices. Photovoltaic technology and equipment from China became the focus of the exhibition.
EGYO : Bringing Multiple New Products to the Munich Photovoltaic Exhibition in Germany
EGYO stated that with the advent of the photovoltaic era, Fuzhou Energy Optimal Technology co.,LTD continues to challenge the conversion efficiency limit of single crystal silicon batteries. Based on technological changes and product innovation, it continuously introduces high-quality products that are more in line with market demand, providing more efficient, reliable, and low-cost photovoltaic solutions for global end energy consumers, redefining photovoltaic with practical actions, and bringing surging momentum to a zero carbon society.
Looking at Asia and Europe as a Global Renewable Energy Hub
The International Energy Agency pointed out that the increase in solar energy investment was mainly concentrated in the United States, Germany, Japan, France and China, while other regions of the world contributed relatively little to the growth of solar energy investment. In the European Union, residential and commercial solar photovoltaic systems account for 74% of our expected growth, with 82% of the increase coming from six major markets: Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Italy, and Sweden
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